web marketing consulting

A New Look at Web Marketing Consulting

I’ve talked with several people lately who have a need for Internet marketing and appreciate chatting with someone who has experience with this. They don’t have a budget to spend $1,000 or $4,000 per month, and they are willing to do the work themselves. So, I decided to start offering monthly consulting on a fixed […]

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why are we drawn to passionate people?

As we walked into the garage sale on a recent Saturday morning the airplane models and military books were piled high on tables. When we left in the early afternoon, the tables were nearly empty of books and the stacks of models no longer towered. I was helping out my wife buy stuff for her […]

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bluetooth speakers

client gift ideas for this holiday season

I recently caught up with Mike Powell about what life is like as a salesman in the Internet era and also what trends he’s seeing in promotional products. Mike Powell has been selling promotional products through Jack Nadel International for more than 20 years. In his spare time Mike is a musician. He was the […]

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Retro Photo Booth

what is your website worth to your company?

The woman on the TV show, Barter Kings, had to decide whether or not she was going to trade an army truck she had for a photo booth. The photo booth was only worth $3,500 and the truck was worth $9,000. You’d think it would be a no-brainer — who in their right mind would make […]

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costomer loyalty crossword

keeping current customers and getting new customers

My wife and I used T-Mobile for more than six years and when it came time to renew our contract they didn’t seem very eager to keep us. We’d probably spent more than $5,000 with them over the years. All we wanted was to get a reasonable deal like they were offering new customers. We […]

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how to keep a clean inbox

A friend on Facebook recently posted her status, “Got through 250 emails in my inbox tonight. Feeling pretty productive right now! Only 1,700 more to go.” I can certainly relate. I’ve never been great at email management until recently. Right now I sit with an empty email box and have Leo Babauta to thank. He […]

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new website for Kitchen Masters

We have been working with Kitchen Masters a lot over the years. We’ve been mostly working on a bit of marketing on their site, as well as for their sister company, Restoration Floorworks. They were having some problems with their site so they opted to have the site redesigned. We came up with a custom […]

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grumpy cinnamon roll guy

A regular customer went into the local Starbucks and wanted a cinnamon roll. He was in luck–there was one left. The guy made a point of starting his day at Starbucks with a coffee and cinnamon roll. Charlie was carrying the hallowed last cinnamon roll to the register when it fell on the floor. “Uh […]

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q&a about pay per click advertising

What is Pay Per Click advertising? Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is displaying advertisements for your company on the search engine results of the major search engines. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount for that click. The price of these bids vary according the popularity of the term and how […]

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website has disappeared

help, my website has disappeared

A client of mine had been cleaning up some pages within his WordPress admin area and accidentally got rid of several pages that he didn’t intend to, including his homepage. He was in a panic. I logged into his website and restored his homepage within one minute. I then told him where the pages had […]

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