13 Jan Updating Your Website Regularly

Our clients, Platinum Homes, came to us several years ago about converting their site to WordPress. They wanted to be able to manage their website content by themselves but wanted to keep their design similar to what they had. As a custom home builder in Denver, they also wanted to highlight some of the beautiful homes they had built.

We made some adjustments by putting the navigation along the top and also adding another picture in the header. We also put in some rotating pictures on the home page to highlight some of the projects they had done.

Recently they wanted to make their site more mobile friendly so we put their site in an updated WordPress theme that was more mobile friendly. We also made the home page slider bigger. We used some great photos and went big and bold with the slider. We also put testimonials in the sidebar with photos.

I’m hopeful the updated site will get them even more inquiries as people are able to see their work and hear about the quality that goes into all they do.

If you have a site that’s a bit outdated or isn’t mobile friendly, then give us a call. You’ll see surprised what a big impact a minimal investment can do for your website and lead generation.

Original Website

old website screenshot

2012 Revision

new website screenshot

2016 Version


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