WordPress Conversions

Do you have a website that you have to call a web designer every time you want a change? How much are you paying per hour for this? $60 an hour? $90 an hour? Why not convert your site to WordPress so you can make changes to your anytime you want?

Over the years our company has maintained the sites of our clients. We’ve been happy to do that. But our clients want to maintain the content on their sites themselves and ask for a new solution. So, we found WordPress a great way to do this for our clients. We have converted several sites from regular HTML to WordPress and then trained our clients how to manage their sites.

If you have a site that is still in HTML we can convert your site to WordPress. And then we will train you how the manage the content. No longer will you have to pay for a web designer to make changes on your site or wait for them to do it. You can change your site within a few minutes.

Give Dave a call at 720-427-5660 to discuss how we can convert your site to WordPress. Most conversions are only $1,000-2,000. This will save you money in the long run and also allow you to have more current content on your site, which the search engines love. Call today!

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