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I will help you get your website to look great and convert visitors to leads. And after that, I will help you get more visitors to your site for your local business. There are things you are probably missing, and I can help you figure this out. And you can concentrate on growing your business.

Local Marketing

I’ll use web design, search engine marketing, social media, and email to get people to call you. We can help you. 

Website Design

Your website needs to be special and highly effective. The design needs to communicate you’re a pro. That’s what I’ll do for you.

Content Marketing

Good content moves an audience to action — calling you or filling out a form. The content I develop makes your visitors pick up their phone to call you.

Green Chair’s Story

I’m Dave Carlson and I started Green Chair 22 years ago. I have been building websites since 1996. My first website was for a gold medalist at the Atlanta Olympics. I have done just about everything regarding web design and digital marketing. I love helping small businesses grow their businesses. You will have my whole attention regarding your project or ongoing marketing.

Web Maintenance Plan

I build all my sites in WordPress. It’s the most popular website design program today. It was built for easy changes and search engine friendliness. But, like all websites, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis to maintain its speed and security. I have a set of different levels of maintenance to choose from. 

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Telling Your Story Through Branding & Messaging

Telling Your Story Through Branding & Messaging

Everyone loves a good story. And your company has a story to tell. You might not think it's that interesting, but you'd be surprised. People love stories that share a journey and end in a place where they can relate. Branding and messaging tell your story: who you are...

The Pyramid of Local Online Marketing

The Pyramid of Local Online Marketing

A good foundation is the key to a lasting building. And using the right materials on top of that foundation adds to its longevity. The same is true of building an effective and lasting marketing strategy. Jack Jostes owns a digital marketing agency that helps the...

Impactful Website Content Strategy & Tactics

Impactful Website Content Strategy & Tactics

Our team built a website for Michelle Akers in 1996. At the time, she was the captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team playing in the Atlanta Olympics, and I helped tell her story, so she could connect with her fans. That was a great summer as they won the gold medal!...