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More than 23 years ago I started Green Chair Marketing Group more by accident than intention. I worked with a non-profit for 16 years before that and fully intended on getting a regular job. And maybe do a little web design on the side.  

I worked for an entrepreneur for a bit before he ran out of time and money on the project he hired me for. I was doing web design for a couple computer networking companies, and they kept me busy with their customers (thank you Tim Taylor and Marc Lintz).

In 2002 we decided to move to Denver to be closer to my wife’s family. A few years later took a job with a digital marketing agency to manage their paid search department to the tune of $250K per month. But I quit in less than a year.

For the next decade my agency grew, and I became very involved with the Denver digital marketing community. But then things started slowing down.

I supplemented my income by getting involved with local service businesses like concrete, painting, woodworking, and remodeling. I was managing projects, doing sales, answering phone calls, and hauling junk to the landfill in my pickup.

I’ve continued doing woodworking on the side. And I’ve combined my two loves by helping folks in the wood industry with their web marketing. I’ve built about a dozen websites, audited a dozen more sites to help my client be more effective, and I do presentations on web marketing every  week.

I’ve offered many different services over the years but am narrowing my services. I’m concentrating on web design, branding, messaging, and local SEO setup. I’m not doing day-to-day SEO, Google Ads management, or overseeing social media, but I have great strategic partners who can help with that.

Let me know how I can help you. Just give me a call or fill out a form on my contact page.

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Case Studies

local search engine domination

Jim owned a small tree service company in Denver and was pulling in about $50,000 per year in sales. He wanted to grow his business but had little knowledge of Internet marketing and no time to learn it …

large product internet marketing

Our client sold big ticket items online, which they also advertised on TV, radio, and through direct sales. They were spending about $20K per month in pay-per-click advertising, which result in leads costing …

online store sales success

Our client had an online store that brought in about $225,000 per month in sales. They were spending $15,000 each month on pay-per-click advertising. Their rankings in the search engines were minimal …

dealing with bad press

Our client was losing sales because of a negative press release about their company. When you typed their name into Google, two sites on the first page of the results were …

converting part-time to full-time

Our client sold custom-made pieces of machinery to help companies get greater visibility at major sporting and entertainment events. They had two people working …

local chapter wows corporate

The local chapter of a national organization had a website that was corporately created and maintained. They had very little control over certain aspects of it or the ability to customize it …

continuous growth over 6 years

Our client was a U.S. manufacturing rep for an Italian company. They were doing a lot of things right—they had decent sales, relationships with resellers, competent leadership, and a product showroom …

custom programming success

Janet owned a flyer delivery service for realtors. Her clients dropped a print-ready copy at printers. Janet picked up completed flyers at the printers and then delivered them throughout the city…