Green Chair Case Studies

Local search engine domination skyrockets sales from $50k to more than $1 million

Jim owned a small tree service company in Denver and was pulling in about $50,000 per year in sales. He wanted to grow his business but had little knowledge of Internet marketing and no time to learn it.  [ Read more about this Case Study ]

Local chapter wows corporate offices with increased website traffic

The local chapter of a national organization had a website that was corporately created and maintained. They had very little control over certain aspects of it. They wanted more visibility to their website because they had sold a large amount of advertisement on one of their directories. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

Online store sales increase 62% in highly competitive supplement market

Our client had an online store that brought in about $225,000 per month in sales. They were spending $15,000 each month on pay per click advertising. Their rankings in the search engines were minimal. Their web statistics program only showed very general traffic information. And they only sporadically sent out an email newsletter even though they had a large database. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

Converting part-time pay to full-time salary

Our client sold custom-made pieces of machinery to help companies get greater visibility at major sporting and entertainment events. They had two people working part-time to sell and manufacture their products. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

A more zen way of doing business

Janet owned a flyer delivery service for real estate professionals. Her clients dropped print-ready copy at printers. Janet picked up completed flyers at the printers and then delivered them throughout the city. She was driving all over town through bad traffic, spending four hours a day in the car, not to mention the stress and money on gas. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

1,350% sales growth for manufacturer’s rep

Our client was a U.S. manufacturing rep for an Italian company. They were doing a lot of things right—they had decent sales, relationships with resellers, highly competent leadership, and a showroom for their products. However, their website was merely a single page that contained contact information and a small amount of information about their products. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

Yes, Virginia, you really can decrease marketing costs and increase your leads

Our client sold big ticket items online, which they also advertised on TV, radio, and direct sales. They were spending about $20,000 per month in pay per click advertising, which result in leads costing about $98 per lead. At their peak, they got 407 leads in one month through pay per click.  [ Read more about this Case Study ]

Dealing with a bad press

Our client was losing sales because of a negative press release about their company. When you typed their name into Google, two sites on the first page of the results were killing them. The marketing manager said they were losing millions of dollars in canceled orders. [ Read more about this Case Study ]

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