Content Strategy

Oftentimes, companies will take a haphazard approach to creating content for their website and social media. They’ll put out a blog every so often or rewrite a web page here or there. But is that really the best idea? Probably not. You need to figure out what your customers and potential customers want to hear from you. That’s where having someone like me work with you to come up with a great content strategy.


Our Content Strategy starts with the Content Audit. When we know all the content available to us, we are able to outline where certain pieces should go and where you have holes. Regarding the holes, we will work with you to get the content you need for your site, whether that’s someone in-house or bringing in an outside writer.

The overall goal of the Content Strategy is to know where you are going. We haven’t actually started any writing or editing — we just need to know the direction we are going.

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