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Ongoing Content

The search engines love fresh content. So, why aren’t you creating it? Probably because you’re trying to run your business and have 10 other things that are screaming for your attention. We can develop ongoing content to help your audience understand you better and move them to action. You will get content for your website, email newsletter, and social media accounts. This would include written text, photos, and video.


What we would do is create this content so it can be used multiple places and will keep you in front of the people buying your goods or services. And it will get more search engine traffic to your site.

Here is what our service consists of:

Content: You will receive a well written and interesting blog post or article that includes one main image and three other supporting images.

Distribution: Promoting the content in a variety of places where your audience lives.

  • Linked In: We will use the long form method to post your article on Linked In.
  • Google My Business: We will post the content to your Google My Business profile.
  • Facebook: We will create several posts to point Facebook followers to go to your blog post.
  • Twitter: We will create and schedule four tweets that link to the blog post on your website.
  • Email newsletter: Send out the article to your contact list. Each newsletter will also include an offer of your choice. We will send you a report on how many people interacted with your newsletter.

There are no long-term commitments.You can stop anytime you’d like. How about trying us out for one month to see how you like it? We’d love to show you what we can do.

Additional services:

We can also do other things to help promote your business through content marketing:

  • Downloadable PDF: We will design a PDF of your article that people can download from your website. You can also use this PDF to give out to potential customers or to include with your email newsletter.
  • Memes: We will create 4 memes with a quote from the article and schedule them to be posted to Facebook and Google My Business.

Are you ready to get going? If so, call Dave at 720-427-5660 to discuss your desire for fresh content.