Customer Connections

Word of mouth is big these days — from customer reviews to recommendations from friends. If you stay at the front of your customers, you are more likely to be recommended by them. Our strategy is to create a great piece of content and then distribute it through social media and email. We are pushing information out to people, rather than waiting for people to come to you. This strategy complements any other marketing you might be doing, such as direct mail, search engine marketing, or advertising.

The Specifics

To begin with, we will brainstorm content ideas and create a content calendar. We will set up email service provider and then connect with your various social media accounts.

Each month we will do the following: 

  • Create a high-quality piece of content with a relevant image
  • Upload the blog to your website
  • Send out an email newsletter
  • Resend email 2 days later to people who didn’t open the first time
  • Create a Facebook post and boost it
  • Create a LinkedIn post
  • Do a long post on LinkedIn
  • Monthly reports regarding the email and social media
  • Promote it on our personal

Our Pricing

We charge $1500 for setup and three months of creating content and then distributing it through social media and email marketing. After that, it’s just $500 per month for staying in front of your customers.

Our Promise

Very Little Extra Work for You

We will do all the heavy lifting. We will write, edit and distribute your content. Your only obligation will be a short brainstorming session on content ideas and then looking over the content we create. That’s it!

No Contracts

You can stop our work whenever you feel. We don’t have any long-term contracts like some of the other Internet marketing companies you’ve probably talk with.

Get in Touch

Call Dave at 720-427-5660 to talk through your needs. We would love to help you!

Photo by on Unsplash