Dealing with a Bad Press

Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Our client was losing sales because of a negative press release about their company. When you typed their name into Google, two sites on the first page of the results were killing them. The marketing manager said they were losing millions of dollars in canceled orders.

Analysis of the Situation

There was nothing we could do to delete the press release from the two sites so we had to implement a strategy to push the two negative websites off the front page.

Implementation of a Solution

To reach our goal we implemented a three-pronged approach. First, we optimized the client’s main website for the search engines. Second, we expanded their presence by creating several new websites that were optimized well for the company’s name. Third, we created incoming links to sites showing up on the first and second page of Google but were unrelated to our client’s company. It was our hope these sites would jump over the negative sites in the rankings.

The Results of Our Work

Because of these efforts:
  • Our client’s main website ended up taking up two spaces rather than one.
  • The new sites we created started showing up on the front page of Google for our client’s name.
  • Several unrelated websites moved up higher in the rankings.
  • The two negative websites moved to the second and third pages of the Google search engine results.