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Internet Marketing

Marketing on the Internet is a mystery for most local small business owners. You probably get phone calls and emails every day from companies promising you the moon and the stars. Which do you use? Well, a good place to start is with someone local who understands the business, has experience with local businesses, and has a heart to see you succeed.


The theme of my company is “Handcrafted Digital Marketing.” I will take a look at exactly what you need to get leads. I have a variety of tools in my toolbox to bring the right solution to the table.

I will also track where leads are coming from so you know the effectiveness. You don’t have to guess that your money is being well spent.

Local SEO

If your company focuses on a local market, then you should put great effort toward local search engine marketing. This is a huge factor for online success for local businesses, especially service businesses.

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Customer Connections

This service involves me writing a great blog post for you and then distributing it through social media and email marketing. It keeps you in the front of mind of your customers.

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Google AdWords

AdWords are the sponsored links you see at the top and bottom of the search engine results page. You bid on keywords relevant to your business and then pay a small fee whenever someone clicks on your ad.

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We don’t know what you’ll need until we sit down and talk with you. We promise not to embarrass or browbeat you into accepting a monthly marketing budget that is not realistic for you. We are very passionate about helping businesses grow their sales through online marketing but are very low pressure during the sales process.

So, please call us today at 720-427-5660 or fill out a form. We’ll set up a time to meet with you to talk through what you need and what would work best for your budget and what you hope to accomplish. We offer a FREE one-hour consultation for companies looking for ongoing marketing.