Large Product Internet Marketing

Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Our client sold big-ticket items online, which they also advertised on TV, radio, and direct sales. They were spending about $20,000 per month in pay-per-click advertising, which result in leads costing about $98 per lead. At their peak, they got 407 leads in one month through pay per click.

Analysis of the Situation

They were bidding too often on the major keywords and were sending all their visitors to their home page. They needed to bid on a variety of phrases and then send them to landing pages specific to that product to cut down on the time the customer spent getting the information they wanted.

Implementation of a Solution

We created a dozen or more landing pages on their site that were also optimized for the search engines. We also created a list of more than 1,500 potential keywords for them to bid on. These phrases had less traffic than the major keywords but their conversion to sales rate was much higher. Our clients also chose to double their monthly pay-per-click advertising budget.

Results of Our Work

Through fine-tuning their pay-per-click advertising our client saw:

  • An increase in monthly leads from 400 to more than 1,700 per month.
  • A decrease in average cost per lead from $98 to $42 per lead.
  • Their advertising ROI increase by over 380 percent in an eight-month window.
  • An increase in the amount of traffic they got through the search results.
  • Because of the great improvement, they were seeing, our client doubled their monthly budget to more than $80,000 per month.