Google AdWords

You want to start getting traffic to your site through the search but Search Engine Optimization takes a while to get rolling, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. But you don’t have to throw up your hands in frustration. You can pay to get visitors to your site through Google AdWords. All it takes is choosing the right keywords, writing compelling ads, and setting up your account to maximize your leads.


My Solution

As a Google AdWords Certified Professional, I can set up your account the right way and get visitors to your website within hours.

One of the main things I’ll do is set up conversion tracking so you know which keywords are working for you and which ones we should turn off. I’ll also keep honing your account so you are getting more leads at a lower cost per acquisition.


About Me

I’ve been in business for 17 years and have helped hundreds of small businesses with their Internet marketing. I built my first website in 1996, but my initial training was in writing where I oversaw a team of writers at an international nonprofit.

My Pricing

I charge $500 per month for managing your Google AdWords account for up to $5,000 in monthly spending. My charge is 10% of your budget over $5,000 in spending. I have a $450 one-time setup fee to make sure everything is setup correctly.

My Promise

Very Little Extra Work for You

I will do all the heavy lifting. I will write, edit and distribute your content. Your only obligation will be a short brainstorming session on content ideas and then look at the content I create. That’s it!

No Contracts

You can stop our work whenever you feel. I don’t have any long-term contracts like some of the other Internet marketing companies you’ve probably talk with.

Get in Touch

Call Dave at 720-427-5660 to talk through your needs. We would love to help you!

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