Local Search Engine Domination

Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Jim owned a small tree service company in Denver and was pulling in about $50,000 per year in sales. He wanted to grow his business but had little knowledge of Internet marketing and no time to learn it.

Analysis of the Situation

Jim’s website was slightly tired-looking and very basic. It had never been optimized for the search engines and he didn’t know how many people were visiting the site on a regular basis.

Implementation of a Solution

We redesigned his website and optimized the site for the phrases that visitors would use to find a company like his. As Jim’s company grew in sales we also enhanced his Google Places profile and implemented a pay-per-click advertising campaign with Google Adwords. We installed Google Analytics on their site so he could measure traffic and sales leads, and assisted him with developing a social networking program through Facebook and Twitter.

Results of Our Work

By the end of five years of working with us, Jim attributes a lot of his company’s growth to the work we did for him. Here are the results:
  • Sales increases to more than $1 million per year
  • His site dominates the first page of Google for his industry
  • He is getting 200-300 leads per month through the site