Marketing Wheels: How to Keep Moving to See Your Business Succeed

During one snowstorm this past March, almost 20 inches of snow fell at our house. I love a good snowstorm but not when I must drive my wife 30 miles to fly out of town. The good news is snowplows and sun combined to make the roads driveable. 

The bad news is that snowplows wouldn’t be on my side street for a few days. My biggest problem was the first and last 300 feet of my journey. My car is good in snow and I kept moving as I drove through the 20 inches of snow. 

I used momentum to get me off my street onto a clear road. As a business, we can lose momentum when we stop doing things to grow our sales. I thought about my snow adventures when I see businesses pull back the reins on their marketing.

We are going to take at five marketing strategies to keep your marketing momentum going. I’ll be drawing insights from Forrest Dombrow‘s book, Clone the Ace. Though this book is tailored for digital marketers, it holds great wisdom and practical help for businesses looking to grow their sales.

Dombrow advocates for diversifying marketing approaches, each contributing to the forward motion of business growth. Which ones you use are dependent on your stage of business and what works best for your industry:

  1. Flywheels: These marketing tactics require significant initial investment but yield sustained results with minimal ongoing effort. Examples include SEO strategies and strategic partnerships, offering long-term benefits for lead generation. [ Read more about Flywheels ]

  2. Money Wheels: Here, financial investment replaces manual labor, with platforms like Google Ads and targeted mail campaigns driving consistent lead generation. While these demand ongoing funding, they offer predictable returns when managed effectively. [ Read more about Money Wheels ]

  3. Hand Cranks: This manual approach involves face-to-face networking and public speaking. Stepping out of the office to engage with prospects, partners, and competitors fosters industry insights and establishes valuable connections. [ Read more about Hand Cranks ]

  4. Magic Wheels: This concept involves monetizing leads unsuitable for your business by referring them to suitable partners. Formal agreements ensure mutual benefit, potentially leading to reciprocal referrals. [ Read more about Magic Wheels ]

  5. Spinning Wheels: Adding my insight, the Spinning Wheel symbolizes continuous effort in maintaining visibility and outreach. Social media engagement and email marketing embody this concept, requiring consistent attention either internally or through outsourcing. [ Read more about Spinning Wheels ]

The key lies in integrating a mix of these marketing wheels, and distributing resources judiciously between in-house efforts and outsourcing. By identifying the most effective channels for lead generation and focusing efforts or investments accordingly, businesses can propel themselves toward sustained growth and success.

Image: Photo by Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash

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