Mobile Websites

Having a website is crucial for business. So is being accessible anywhere. More than 56% of smartphone users search for local businesses on their device every day. Build a professional website that makes it easy for customers to find you on the go.

We love to convert existing desktop websites into mobile friendly websites because we feel this is so important. Built on our platform, your new mobile website will automatically sync to your existing site and be easier to use for your website visitors. Plus, it’s compatible with all smartphones including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.




What is the difference between a regular site and a mobile optimized site solves?

A regular website is usually designed for viewing on a desktop computer. When viewed on a mobile device, the user experience isn’t great. Buttons and text are smaller, navigating the site involves pinching and zooming the screen, and some elements might not work at all. A mobile-optimized site solves this problem by having thumb-friendly buttons and access to contact information and directions in just one click.

What are the benefits of having a mobile optimized site?

The main benefit of a mobile optimized site is providing a great experience to your mobile users. Over 70 million Americans browse websites from their phone every month, so providing them with quick and easy access to information about your business is essential. A mobile optimized site also helps convert mobile traffic into customers with special features like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps with Directions.

Which mobile devices are supported?

Works on all modern smartphones including iPhone, Android, most Blackberry devices, and Windows Mobile.

How do people find my mobile website?

When a user types in the URL of your regular website on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to your mobile site.

Ready to get a mobile website? Give Dave a call at 720-427-5660 concerning how we can create a mobile site you.

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