A New Look at Digital Marketing Consulting

 I’ve talked to several people lately who have a need for Internet marketing and appreciated chatting with someone who has experience with this. The problem? They don’t have a budget to spend $2,000 or $4,000 per month, and they are willing to do the work themselves.

That’s fine with me. Maybe one day they’ll be able to invest in our monthly marketing packages.

So, I decided to start offering Digital Marketing Consulting at a fixed price of $500 per month. This amounts to 5 hours per month of talking with you and also doing work for you.

Why would I offer something like this?

As I mentioned earlier, they truly don’t have the budget to go any higher, and maybe they have some people at the office who can do the work I suggest. And I just like to see companies succeed.

For that amount, you get my years of expertise at your fingertips. We’ll have a set appointment each month and I’ll spend some time before the meeting looking over your web traffic statistics and social media networks. I’ll also follow up with an action plan for the coming month so you can start seeing some results.

Besides this, just give me a call anytime during the month if something comes up about marketing that you have a question about. One of my former monthly clients should have done this.

This client was a law firm and was spending $2,000 a month on digital marketing, which is a decent amount but not much for a law firm in a competitive market. A domain name seller got in touch with them and convinced them they needed to buy a bunch of domain names that were relevant to their company. The problem was that they spent $23,000 and didn’t actually own the domain names — they were just renting them for a year.

I did all I could to try to get this transaction canceled but to no avail. I ended up building a couple of sites on these domains but there was no way the strategy was going to work.

So, you can have the assurance that you’ll get wise counsel and have someone who is eager to see you succeed.

Photo by Greg & Lois Nunes on Unsplash


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