Service Pages That Convert to Leads

When I work with a company that provides services, as opposed to products, I’ll have a main Services page that introduces their major services that my client offers. It’s too difficult to rank for a specific service if you have five different services all on one page only so I recommend creating individual service pages.

With this article, I will talk about the individual service pages you’ll be creating. For search engine’s sake, you’ll want to treat them like a mini website and have a keyword theme for each of them.  

Hero Section

The hero section is the first things people will see when they come to your site. It needs to grab their attention and give them an initial introduction to what you do. It has a strong, relevant background, like an action shot, and a gripping headline.

I don’t recommend having a slider most of the time because I don’t think people stick around and watch them. And they can slow down your download speed. 

Don’t be vague or cutesy with your headline. Shoot for five or fewer words, and then expound on it a bit with your subtitle. Put the headline in an H1 tag and the subtitle in an H2 tag.

Intro Paragraph

An introductory paragraph gives a general idea of your service and who you like to do it for. I normally make your paragraph 2-3 sentences long, use a bigger font, and then put extra spacing between the lines so it stands out.  

Service Details

Give greater details about your service and how many of them you’ve done. This is where you want to do a hard sell on your service and why they should hire you. Include a standout picture along with the text.  

Answer these questions in your details about your service:

Why are you an expert?

What do you do differently than your competitors?

How long have you been doing this service?

Initial CTA

Normally on the websites that I build I will have a section at the top of every page that has the contact email and phone number of the company. But it’s also a good idea to have calls to action in the middle of the pages, too. It doesn’t have to be very big, a phrase like, “Call us to talk about what you need,” and a phone number.

We’ll also have another call to action at the bottom of the page, plus the contact information within the footer. I normally set this section apart with a full width colored background with white text.

About Us

I like to do an abbreviated About Us section so visitors know more about the company. In this section you can give a general overview of your company and a couple of reasons why they should investigate further – like your professional training, your years of experience, or the number of successful projects you’ve completed. Some people like to link to the main About Us page, but I like to keep them on the page.

Our Process

Show the steps in your process to help your visitor know what to expect. Try to add icons or photos to add interest and make it look more like a step-by-step process. You can repeat this section on your other Service pages (though may need to adjust some).

Gallery / Portfolio

Show pictures of your completed work. Show as many as you have. Do Before/After photos if you have them. This is a great place to show off the quality of your work. I generally don’t show in-process pictures. The actual process can look messy, and I don’t want to scare off people. You can save the in-process pictures for your Google Business Profile and your social media accounts.

Social Proof

Good customer testimonials show proof that you are a legitimate company and have people who are pleased with your work. Try to use testimonials of people who have used the service you are pitching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having a bunch of FAQ’s does two things. One, it helps with the sales process because visitors will have  their questions answered. It might help shorten your phone calls with people. Two, it’s good for search engines because Google likes a lot of content, and the answers will likely have keywords included with them.

I’d suggest starting with 5-10 about that service and then adding more as you figure out what people want to know.

PRO TIP: Also add these FAQs to your Google Business Profile. 

Blog Posts

If you are doing blogging, this would be a good place to put your display some of your blogs. I like to create content silos where I’ll create blog categories that match up with the services I offer. For me this is web design, local marketing, and branding. On my Web Design page, I have all the blogs related to web design, and the same with the other services. This way they are relevant topics and also linking to each other.

Longer CTA

All my websites are done in WordPress. I use global headers and footers, which means that they are the same on each page. What I like to do is have a larger call to action as part of the footer so each page how’s it good, strong call to action.

This call to action will normally have a picture as well as a headline and paragraph that encourages them to get in touch with my client. And I’ll include the phone number in this section two. And then I’ll have a button that links to the contact page.

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