converting from part-time to full-time

overview of our client’s situation

Our client sold custom-made pieces of machinery to help companies get greater visibility at major sporting and entertainment events. They had two people working part-time to sell and manufacture their products.

analysis of the situation

The client had a working website that was somewhat disjointed. Because of budget limitations, they only did limited search engine optimization with their previous marketing company. They needed more focused phrases to market, and to have more pages optimized for the search engines to find. They had tried a pay-per-click campaign with limited results.

implementation of a solution

We suggested remodeling their logo and website to make it look more professional and shortened their contact form to make it easier to fill out. We improved their credibility by removing some pages the search engines considered illegal. We worked with their budget and optimized more pages for the search engines. We suggested they strengthen their pay-per-click strategy by increasing the number of keywords to bid on and adding conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of their key phrases.

the results of our work

Here are the results of the work we did with them:

  • Their ranking on the major search engines went up on more than 90 percent of their keyword phrases.
  • Sales increased by almost 1,000 percent within three years
  • One of the owners was able to leave his daytime job because the company could now afford to pay him a full-time salary. He eventually bought out his partner and continues to maintain a steady income.