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WordPress Training

WordPress Training

Okay, you have a WordPress website but now what? Are you able to easily make changes to your site or is it still a chore?

I have found that there are some good web design companies out there that are great at designing sites but have a hard time making the transition to helping their clients manage their sites. They don’t take the time to adequately train their clients on how to use the system. Or maybe you’ve created the site yourself but are a bit lost on what to do next. We can help.

We have trained a couple dozen clients on how to use WordPress and have even developed an extensive PDF guide on how to use WordPress. And we would love to train you, too. We charge $90 an hour, whether it’s one person or 100 people. We can either do it in-person (Colorado Front Range only) or through a screen sharing session.

Just give Dave a call at 720-427-5660 to talk about your WordPress training needs. We can train one person or multiple people at your company on how to manage your WordPress website. Call us today!

We also plan on having in-person group training in the Denver area in the near future. Give us at call to let us know you’d be interested in this. We want to make sure you’re using your WordPress site to the maximum!